Eating Healthy at the Office

I worry especially about eating at the workplace. After all, it’s not like one has too much time over there. You’re there 9 to 5, there’s an hour for your lunch break, you end up eating really quick to make it back to the office in time, and during the break you might only be thinking about your next assignment and how to get that done on time as well. No normal chewing, no relaxed breathing and no enjoying your meal – horrible!

Still, there is a way to remedy this. First, talk to your coworkers about lunch plans. They are as keen to have a pleasant experience as you are and also want to enjoy their free time between working hours. Have a look around the area where you work. What kind of cafes and restaurants are nearby? What are the prices like? Is it easy to get a table? Does the food look and taste nice? Is the service good? Do you feel full and satisfied afterwards, but not heavy? Is the atmosphere pleasant? Maybe there’s a cafeteria where you work. That’s not the worst solution, as you get to see and get to know a lot of people who work in the same company or the same building, and the food isn’t always bad. Or maybe you prefer to bring your lunch with you? If you have a small kitchen where you work, or a microwave, this could be a good idea. Just take care that you eat with someone, so you won’t be seen as an outsider! Eating and cooking should be a shared experience that brings people together!

I’m no nutritionist, but all this should help make the weekly lunch and enjoyable and healthy experience. Because when you’re relaxed and not frazzled, everything is better. Feeling interested in organic food? Check out these statistics on organic food production in the US.

So do your homework and just put a little effort in to planning your lunch breaks. Read magazine articles on the subject, go online – there’s I’m worried about my eating. I mean, probably all of us are, to a certain extent. Aren’t we? It’s important, after all. You are what you eat! I keep thinking about it. You really need to look after yourself, and what you eat plays a key role in that.

a ton of ideas out there for tasty solutions if you prefer to bring your own lunch, or guidelines on navigating eating on the go. It’s all possible and you really can get the most out of it. In fact, have a look here at some statistics on food and nutrition.

It’s possible to eat different things, not just fast food or sandwiches, and feel good afterwards. Because when you feel good, you work better, you go home feeling better, you don’t get those pesky headaches and it’s probably better for your skin. And you smile more. What’s not to like? It’s your break and your body, so invest some time in to making lunch at work a nice experience!

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