Gluten Free Baked Salt And Vinegar Cod Recipe

The hubby and I recently went on a road trip. As everyone one knows, one of the essential elements of a road trip is snacks. I packed up lots of healthy, gluten free snacks for the road such as fruit, nuts, toasted gluten free French bread slices and white bean spread, humus and veggies.
But something else everyone knows is that another essential element of a road trip is junk food. And of course it is a proven fact that calories consumed on a road trip do not count! (Ok, that is not so much a fact as it is a bold faced lie but…)

My favorite road trip junk food snack is gluten free kettle cooked salt and vinegar potato chips and M & M’s – eaten together in the same bite. Don’t scoff until you have tried it – sweet, salty, sour, chocolaty, a little bit of junk food dietary heaven (and calorie intake hell) in one little handful.

Typically after a road trip I toss whatever is left of the less-than healthy-snacks and we get back to our normal eating habits.

After this particular road trip (which we took to Texas to spend with the g-kids) I was left with a half bag of salt and vinegar potato chips. As I was about to drop them in the trash, inspiration hit. What about crusting a nice healthy piece of fish with just a few crumbles of the chips and baking and serving with an egg free, cholesterol free sauce made from Vegenaise? Hmmm, seemed like a little stroke of genius and the perfect way to bridge back from the dietary freedom of a road trip to good clean eating.

The crushed chips give the fish a nice crunch and a fried feel to it despite the healthy baking and the salt and vinegar flavor is reminiscent of fish and chips. I used the 40% less fat salt and vinegar chips from Cape Cod which made me feel even better about the whole thing. Yep, genius!

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