What to look for when buying spices online

The taste of the cooking is in the spices you use. The first step is to learn to buy fresh, high quality spices. High quality ingredients make a lot of difference to the final outcome of the dish. The same applies to spices too. Proper selection and usage of high quality herbs maximize the flavor, aroma and taste of the dish. Without this, however, all your efforts at perfection will fall short.

Some of the most important rules for buying spices:

Keep away from typical grocery chains when you buy spices. These spices could have been lying on the shelf for a couple of months and could have been in the warehouse for a few months before that. The secret is to buy fresh spices and use them as soon as possible. Anything that has been lying unused for a month or more has lost much of its flavor and aroma.

Keep away from gourmet shops that claim to sell authentic spices. These spices are similar to spices sold in regular shops.

Wherever possible, purchase whole spices and grind them at home as this is the secret to maximum aroma and potency. You can also enjoy fuller flavor in this way. An added benefit – you do not have to fear contaminants in the spices. If you buy ground spices from an unreliable source, chances are that these spices are mixed with salt, flour or other contaminants. You may not be able to avoid add-ins and the FDA does not make it mandatory to list the ingredients in spices.

The best quality of spices may be bought from ethnic markets or stores that specialize in selling spices. Reputed, ethnic stores are sought after by a large number of customers. Therefore, the spices found in such stores are selling quickly and are being replaced regularly. Thus, quality and freshness are preserved.

Several online stores sell high quality spices. They have special shipping policies to ensure that spices reach customers quickly. They also pack their goods well so as to preserve the quality of spices.

Fresh herbs must be stored in glass jars and used up quickly. The longer they stay unused, the less effective they become. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy small amounts of the herbs you need and use them up before purchasing more. In this aspect also, online shopping is a blessing as it saves you the time and effort to go shopping. Simply order the spices you desire and they will be delivered at your doorstep.

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