What’s a Barbecue Party Without Some Condiments

Condiments are substances applied to food to improve or enhance flavor. They usually come in the form of powders, spreads and sauces. A condiment is typically squirted, sprinkled or smeared, with commercially prepared condiment products often packaged in plastic or glass containers. Some are served as single-serving packets too as what is common in cafeterias and airlines. Of course, BBQ parties and cookouts are never complete without a steady supply of condiments.

Some of the more common condiments include ketchup, mayo, pickles, mustard, wasabi, vinegars, salad dressings and salt. Barbecue and hot sauces are other popular condiment choices used to complement or add flavor to dishes. Since people have different preferences when it comes to seasoning their meats, having an assortment of condiment products on hand when hosting a barbecue is always best.

Condiments and Smashing BBQ Parties

Nothing spoils a barbecue quicker than a shortage of condiments. Whether it’s ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, relish or BBQ sauce, finding yourself running low on any of these items can spell disaster for a party. You see, a condiment gives food that added kick to keep people coming back for more. Further, half the fun of eating is being able to adjust the taste of the food to suit each individual’s particular taste buds so without condiments, people will have a tough time managing this.

Holding a hit barbecue event isn’t easy. But if you keep your shelves well-stocked in the condiment department, you’re halfway there. Here are other tips to ensure your next BBQ is a smashing success.

Get out that old BBQ grill that’s been collecting dust in the garage. Fix the patio and wash all the utensils you’ll be using before you start grilling.
Prepare the outdoor cooking recipes in advance. Visit the market and buy the freshest meats needed.
When it comes to cooking a whole chicken on the grill, stuff it with a half-filled beer can. The beer aroma will stick to the chicken and give it a great beer-y taste. If others don’t appreciate it, have them slather up some condiments on the chicken.
When cooking burgers, put holes in the center so they’ll cook thoroughly. The holes will close up once they’re grilled so don’t worry about it!
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